I have practiced with Audrey for the last 7 years and have progressed from a novice to an individual confident in my yoga training. The discipline of yoga is vast! Audrey concentrates on Ashtanga, but adds to the practice
through her own study and individual requests. As I have had some different issues - lower back and hips — Audrey has tailored our practice to concentrate on my issues and work through them from weakness to strength. As she
has studied other disciplines of yoga (Kundalini, for example), she adds aspects into the regular practice. She also follows the cycles of the moon and as the full moon occurs, our practice has featured a routine with dedicated poses. Audrey is an excellent leader and  helpful with her advice on the flow of poses throughout the practice. Her weekly yoga guidance and practice have become and integral part of my week, helping me to meet my exercise, work and family goals. Lauren Jordy, Walton on Thames


I practiced with Audrey Buchan for the past year and through her teaching and encouragement my yoga practice has flourished - I am now able to do many postures that before I struggled with as well as incorporate new vinyasa series which strengthens my ability and greatly enhances my flexibility and well being.  Audrey tailors her teaching to meet the needs of her students - incorporating postures for each student (for me my sore hips) and builds on the series each week to help you gain strength and flexibility.  Having practiced yoga for nearly a decade I really encourage you to practice with Audrey I have seen her successfully teach both beginners as well as those more experienced and her calm, supportive encouragement as well as ability to break down a pose or series is masterful and very effective!

Laura  Hoult, Virginia Water


I have been attending Kerry's yoga class for over5 years now and I am finding them most enjoyable and benficial. Kerry is very knowledgable and gentle and she is interested in every person and remembers our individual needs. i thoroughly enjoy her lessons and am looking forward to every week's session!

Birgitta Ward, Walton on Thames


My weekly yoga sessions with Audrey have provided me with a pocket of time to de-clutter my mind, find some head space and generally provide me with some sanity in this mad world we all occupy. I do feel that by the end of my session I am a calmer being, and as I have said before "everyone needs an Audrey" for some peace and serenity to suffuse the soul. Mrs P.Carter,  Walton


Warm, friendly, informal class that always leaves me totally relaxed. Perfect start to the weekend.                                                                              

Jennifer McGivern, Hersham



I went along full of anxiety and trepidation sure that I would feel awkward and embarrassed but not at all, I was made very welcome and put at ease straight away. As the session progressed I realized that I was enjoying it and able to do most of the exercises. Leaving at the end I felt calm and fulfilled and so relaxed. I certainly will be continuing with the classes, come along whatever your age and ability it's fun.

Avril Williams, Walton on Thames

Although unsure of what to expect and my ability to stretch in the ways I imagined necessary, my Yoga Mojo class was very enjoyable, interesting and challenging! I felt very much at ease with the level of expectation, as a beginner, and through the poses, Audrey's assistance where necessary in adjustments and advice was gentle yet clear. I felt I learned a lot and benefited physically too, from using muscles in new ways which I very soon felt benefiting my posture and feeling of being balanced throughout my frame. I feel inspired to continue practising Yoga through my experience of Yoga Mojo.                  

Jonathan Minshull, Costa Rica


This letter is just to say how much I just love yoga and the classes that I attend every Friday in Hersham. Our teacher Kerry is a very nice person , she is very good with people and their ailments and takes special notice of them, which is good for us, she is a very happy and caring person, love doing yoga with her and worth every penny. Thank you so much.

Maureen Morris, Ottershaw





I really enjoyed all of it and the atmosphere that Kerry made, made it 100 times better but my most favourite thing out of all the other really good things we did is the butterfly story because it is a nice and calm way to train your brain and you can do it at home with different animals.                                                                            Madelaine age 11


Dear Kerry I loved making the bubble to Africa because it felt nice to help people who do not have much. Thank you I loved it.                                                                          Mollie Hillier age 10


I thought Kerry was really kind and it was a pleasure to have her in our school. I loved all the positions such as the  butterfly, the camel and getting in the book positions because they really stretched my legs. If Kerry does do a club I am definately doing it!                                                                                      

Gideon age 11


Dear Kerry Thank you for the yoga session, I loved it especially the lavender eye pillow (because it was so calming and soothing) and the bubble (because it gave me the feeling of happiness that I was helping a place) Thank you again (your so nice)                                                                   Elizabeth Simpson age 11


I really enjoyed the session overall but there was one thing that Il really liked which was lying down with the lavender bag on my eyes because it was very relaxing. It has been the best experience of my school life!                                                                                         Josh Age 11


I loved the session because it is different to maths and literacy, the best thing was the protecting, I protected my dog . Kerry (the teacher) was so kind and friendly to everyone!                                                                                               

Ella age 11


I really enjoyed the session because we got to have a little memory game where we had to remember the colour of differnt parts of the butterflys body. I also enjoyed having the lavender bean bag on my eyes because it was really relaxing. It was nice to have a teacher like Kerry because she was very calm and gentle and she had a positive smile.                                                                     

Aneesa Rehman age 10


Through the duration of the yoga session, my highlight was the lavender bags, the relaxing scent helped me become more tranquil. Another good thing about Yoga Mojo is that Kerry our instructor was extremely enthusiastic and a kind and caring person to be around.                                                                               

Alex Roberts age 11


I loved Yoga Mojo especially the animal story and all the positions because I am flexible and it really relaxed my muscles . Thank you for an amazing session Kerry you were lovely.                                                            

Love Oliver Wilkinson Smith


Yoga Mojo was great! I loved every bit of it especially the lavender bags as they made me really relazed I also liked the butterfly and the colours. I liked doing the song and actions because they were funny, blowing the bubbles of hope and nice things like that made me feel happy. I will definately do yoga again. Thank you Kerry.                                                                        

Mollie Bristow age 10.


I found the yoga session very peaceful and relaxing partly due to the instructor Kerry who was extremely nice! Also it was de - stressing as you did not need to be good at sports or gymnastics to do yoga. It was just fun and I especially enjoyed the animal story - it made me fell full and free after stretching muscles that are not regularly used!.                                                               

Liberty Stembridge age 11


I loved the yoga session especially the memory game, it refreshed your mind. I enjoyed it because it was good with your imagination as well. I also enjoyed the animal story positions because it stretched the parts of your body that you dont normally use. Thank you Kerry for a lovely session.                                                                      Yamna Eyamaly age 10.


I really loved the session because it was a lot more experienced and different from other lessons, the best part was lying down thinking about your freinds and the lavender made me feel really relaxed. Kerry (the teacher) was lovely very much.                                                                                               Paige age 10.


I really enjoyed the yoga because it gave me a chance to relax. The teacher Kerry was very nice and she didnt make you do anything you didnt want to do.                                                                          Lily Reynolds age 10


My Favourite part of the yoga session was when we had the lavender bags placed on our eyes because it made me really calm and relaxed and also I thought the instructor Kerry was really kind and if she does a club I  might think about joining !                                                                                 Leon McHugh age 11I enjoyed the lavender eye pillow as it made me feel relaxed and it smelt lovely. I also enjoyed the butterfly story it was amazing how we learnt all those colours.                                                                                          

Oliver Russell age 11